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Over my career I have stride for excellence in achieving my goals and objectives. Due to this work ethic I have achieved most of them. My flying career has been very rewarding and beneficial in learning how to manage large operations and the people that go along with them. And even though I had planned to finish out my career in the left seat of a transport category jet I have found myself looking with excitement for a career move, due to the untimely and tragic death of my wife.
I had to quit my flying job to undertake the awesome job and responsibility of raising my three small children eight, six and four years old at the time of my wife's passing, now almost six years later I am ready and looking forward to fully return to the workforce and have learned some very valuable skills along the way. Starting, building, owning and managing a Subway Franchise, being part owners in a cosmetic mini-mall, buying, renting and turning houses in an extremely depressed economy and being partners in project building condominiums up in Breckenridge, CO just to name a few.
I have found managing other people as an asset of mine, by keeping the companies goals in mind as well as the human factor of the people under me, the limits of your success has no boundaries. On the other hand if people don't enjoy their work, feel they have no say in their work or feel no one is looking after their interest at their work, the boundaries have been set and you have already lost.
"Whether you think you can do it, or whether you think you cannot do it, you are correct." Henry Ford.
"It is amazing what one can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." Harry Truman.
"You might be on the right track, but if you don't keep moving you will still get run over." Will Rogers.
"A man cannot be judged by his individual acts, but by the sum of them all." David K Stewart.

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